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We Sell  specialty cigarettes like Djarum black, Djarum Special (Clove Cigarettes), Yuma Organic Cigarettes, Yuma roll your own tobacco, Northfield Natural Cigarettes, Northfield Organic Tobacco, Roll Your own Northfield Tobacco and Northfields Cigarettes , Ecstacy Herbal Smokes(Nicotine Free – Tobacco Free), Yuma organic Tobacco (Roll Your own Tobacco).

Specialty Cigarettes have had a steady increase in popularity since being introduced into the marketplace.  Djarum, which are clove cigarettes are made of the finest natural-grown cloves and tobaccos with a spicy aromatic taste. Northfield Natural Cigarettes are comprised of 100% additive-free natural tobacco and are grown and manufactured completely in Canada. Yuma Organic Cigarettes are produced in Germany. Yuma Cigarettes are the only true organic tobacco product available in Canada.