Joyetech eVic Supreme & Delta atomizer

Joyetech eVic Supreme - Joyetech Delta atomizer

eVic Supreme at Pick N Pay Smokes, Vancouver,BC

eVic Supreme Mod From Joyetech – with 30 w Output


eVic – Mod from Joyetech
Joyetech eVic e-cigarette, full name “Vapor Intelligent Cigarette”, it’s a voltage and watt variable Volt e-cigarette battery MOD, which is the latest Joyetech product. The eVic e-Cigarette is a milestone, a turning point, and a new development direction of vapor intelligent electronic cigarette battery.

What is Vapor Intelligent Cigarette ?

eVic visual operating system

The eVic e-cigarttes revolutionarily adopts a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vapor history. Meanwhile, it can realize human-machine interaction through connecting with computer, and show you smoking information clearly. In addition, extra large capacity gives you the perfect vapor all day long.
Why Joyetech eVic e-cigarettes?

You can operate eVic through rotating direction key and clicking enter button.
You can adjust the output power from 2.0W to 15W and the output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V by yourself.
eVic can be easily charged with the dedicated USB cable, and the USB cable can connect with wall adaptor or computer.
eVic adopts a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vapor history.
It can be assembled directly with Joyetech 510 and eGo series atomizers, including 510/510-T, eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C atomizers! This kit comes without any atomizer, you still need purchase atomizer & e-liquid!
Special software to record all the information starting from the day you use it.


Joyetech eRoll Starter Kit

Joyetech eRoll is a latest design of mini electronic cigarette from genuine Joyetech. Stylized model of iPhone makes Joye eRoll the most modern and presentable.

How to assemble a Joye eRoll?

First, insert the atomizer head into the atomizer base of battery. Insert the atomizer cone into atomizer base and lock it in the clockwise direction. Next, push the tank cartridges staight into the atomizer cone, make sure the tank cartridge is in the correct place. Lastly, eRoll adopts auto-induction method which can be inhaled directly.

Joye eRoll atomizer head can be found at 5pc Joyetech logo eGo-C/eCab/eRoll atomizer heads! Cone shape/Type A.

Joye eRoll Battery
It is powered by a 3.7V,90mAh lithium-ion battery.
For More Details Please Check Joyetech Company Website

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